Treehouse Brewery: The Mystical Craft Beverage Beers Powered by Hops

Many Variants Alcoholic Beverages Displayed at the Dining and Brewery Area at the the Treehouse Brewery

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Treehouse Brewery has made such a name for itself that people feel like they must get their hands on their beer. Surprisingly, people do this to brag to their fellow beer aficionados, enjoy it on their own, or a little bit of both. Although the brewery does offer beers on tap to drink there or put in growlers as well as cans, they don’t distribute to any other retailers.

It’s not unheard of for people to wait hours in line for a beloved band or for anything that involves the words “Black Friday.” But beer? Most people resort to a local brewery that might have mediocre lines. Certainly, this happens nothing longer than 20 minutes or so.

However, those who visit Treehouse Brewery, located in Charlton, MA, go in with the expectation that they will be waiting in line for hours. Yes, possibly they even made the drive from hours away.

What Really Makes Treehouse Brewery Different?

Four Filled Cups of Treehouse Brewery Beverage on a Wooden Mini Table at a Picnic
Image: CC 0 by Public Domain, nastogadka, via Pixabay

Treehouse Brewery offers different brews that revolve around the seasons, moods of the employees, and any findings that may come about during the day. On their website, the brewers explain that they are often motivated by their own experimentation with flavors, mixing and matching until they find a winning combination.

Although the brewery does offer beers on tap to drink there or put in growlers as well as cans, they don’t distribute to any other retailers. This likely explains people’s willingness to travel to other cities and states. There’s something exhilarating about scoring a beer that’s in high demand but low availability — even if waiting in line for hours is a bit less exhilarating.

Rotational and Occasional Offerings

Man Showing his Chilled Glass Filled with Treehouse Brewery Beverage at their Dining Area
Image: CC 0 by Public Domain, jlamping, via Pixabay

Treehouse Brewing has both rotational and occasional offerings listed on their website. As the names suggest, the rotational offerings are cycled through regularly, while the occasional offerings are usually only seasonal or very rare productions.  Below are a few example offerings to whet your palate and get those hoppy juices flowing.

Rotational Offerings

1) Green (American IPA – 7.5% ABV)

Produced with a mixture of American and Australian hops, this brew delivers touches of citrus fruits like lemon-lime, tangerine, and pineapple. It does give a dry-hopped taste initially, but the citrus notes balance it nicely. Likewise, this one is a favorite of the Treehouse Brewery crew.

2) That’s What She Said (Milk Stout – 5.6% ABV)

Described as “sneakily complex” by the brewers themselves, TWSS presents a blend of familiar (and often favored by many) flavors such as freshly ground coffee, milk chocolate, toasty caramel, and a subtle smokiness.

It’s said on the website that this particular brew is often known for converting pale beer drinkers to the dark side — who can really pass up an “adult chocolate shake”? Also, knowing these makes you more of a budding beer enthusiast.

Occasional Offerings

1) Hustle (Robust Porter – 7.8% ABV)

When most people think of autumn, all the pumpkin spice probably comes to mind. If you’re a beer drinker, it’s likely you think of porters. When poured, this brew displays an espresso essence with a rooted brown froth.

It delivers a scent not far from roasted malt dusted with brown sugar and hints of chocolate. It has a taste reminiscent of deep chocolate and fragrant fruit.

2) Trailbreaker (Unfiltered Kellerbier – 5.4% ABV)

This unfiltered German-style lager pours out as a warm amber, giving off a pleasant and flowery aroma. It maintains a sense of unpredictability as it serves up an invigorating yet rounded malt flavor with spots of lager yeast. It’s a choice that will satisfy in most situations.

Keeping Up With Treehouse Brewery

Many Empty Bottles of Beer Left at the Grasses near the Treehouse Brewery after an event
Image: CC 0 by Public Domain, Antranias, via Pixabay

With its popularity, it can be hard to know exactly what’s going on with the brewery and when is the best time to make the trip for some beer. The Twitter page often includes relevant updates including live music for the night, how inventory is looking, and if it might be closed outside of normal hours for any reason.

Treehouse Brewery sits on 70 acres of mostly untouched land and is currently waiting for approvals to begin building an additional 16,000 square foot expansion. This extension will serve as a retail and outdoor space as well as a second bar.

With the high demand for its beer, producing 1,000 barrels of beer a week (up from 270 barrels just last year). Hence, a bigger space becomes a necessity. This also mitigates some complaints from consumers about the long lines but never improves.

The Treehouse Brewery Reception from the Public

If you’re an avid beer drinker, it’s likely that you’ve either frequented or heard of the website If you haven’t and need some background information, it’s essentially what it sounds like: people reviewing each beer a brewery has to offer and rate it out of five.

To give you an idea of how successful and well-liked Treehouse Brewery is, out of the 100+ beers located on the website, none of them have received a rating under four. Each beer has ratings from one to 4,000+ times. So, some of those reviews need a spice of salt grain as they say.

What’s up?

The infamous beer Julius has reviews with over 4,000 times. This beer became internationally recognized last year as one of 50 best beers made. Luckily, this continually remains a keystone associated with the Treehouse brewing name. Overall, consumers give pleasing ratings to Treehouse Brewery and the beer they provide.

Even more, how much each person buys remains limited. Particularly, often up to 10 cans per person and two 64oz growlers, though each beer has separate limits. More information can be found here). As mentioned, the lines are typically the equivalent of those at amusement parks. So many people’s experience takes that into account.

4 Helpful Tips Before You Hop at the Treehouse Brewery, the Brewery Bandwagon

Many Variants Alcoholic Beverages Displayed at the Dining and Brewery Area at the Treehouse Brewery
Image: CC 0 by Public Domain, Pexels, via Pixabay

Scouring through websites, it’s more than likely that you’ll come across useful advice. Also, do this to incorporate into your game plan if you decide that you’re ready to make the trip to Treehouse Brewery.

Below are some of the most important tips. This means a lot to have the most ease going into the experience. Next, save your energy for what you came here to do. Lastly, sip on some noteworthy beer!

1) Know What You Want at the Treehouse Brewery

Most of the time the whole thrill of going out to eat or drink is the ability to take as long as you’d like to make up your mind. Sometimes it’s fun to have people waiting on you (especially when you’re tipping). However, Treehouse Brewery is the exception to this generality.

Treehouse Brewery knows that the line goes longer. Many people become exhausted from long drives and standing outside for hours. Consider the food you prefer along with these beverages while waiting.

Hence, your best interest makes the process as quick as you are able. Also, only linger when you actually have the beers in your hand. Then, make sure that you have a backup choice. Do this just in case they run out of the beer you were counting on However, this does happen occasionally.

2) Check Out Treehouse Brewery in Social Media

To be sure that the brewery is going to be open when you’re hoping to make it there, it’s best to check its Twitter in advance. Also, check the most recent updates are. In addition, the Treehouse Brewery website keeps the public up to date with the beers on tap each day.

Likewise, this includes how many cases there are of each (as well as the limit per person and the price). This will not only help you make your decision quickly. But, it gives you an idea of the best time to arrive at the brewery.

3) Don’t Expect a Pint at Treehouse Brewery Right Away

Unlike other breweries, Treehouse Brewery doesn’t have separate lines to serve draft customers and to-go customers. It’s likely this will be changing if the expansion goes through. Hence, employees only sell pints when it makes sense for them to do so.

If it’s a high-traffic day. Yet, there remain 300+ people in line, it’s likely not going to happen for a bit. Instead, chow on some food from one of the food trucks until there’s a window of opportunity. Thanks to the invention of the first beer that we get to enjoy these.

4) Preparing to Buy a Growler at Treehouse Brewery

Man Filling a Liquor growler at the Brewery station Area of Treehouse Brewery
Image: CC by 2.0, TheDigitel Beaufort, via Flickr

Unless you have a previously purchased growler from Treehouse, you’re going to need to buy one. If you do have one, it’s thoughtful and appreciated. Moreover, if you give it a quick hot water rinse before bringing it in. Once you have a full growler is full, crack right into it (especially if they’re not filling pints due to lines).

Unfortunately, you aren’t able to consume growlers onsite due to licensing rules.*

*Note: If you plan to only fill a growler, you surely cannot cut the line for this. Treehouse has relatively limited hours and wants people to respect those who arrive first. Read more about the greatest breweries to learn more.

Cheers! The Treehouse Brewery Good Beer

Whatever your stance on long lines and your local breweries, it can’t be argued that Treehouse Brewery isn’t worthy of a visit.  Especially if you ever find yourself in a situation where it seems feasible. Many of us probably won’t travel across the country just for a brewery because, well, money.

If you find that it’s not likely for you anytime soon. Perhaps you can use these products as inspiration to explore the breweries near you. Or, maybe even an hour or two away and consider what makes them unique. Obviously, always be sure to take note of the best brews. Cheers!



Featured Image: CC by A-SA 2.0, Steven Brewer, via Flickr

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